Sunday, December 20, 2009

Under Siege

That's how my father-in-law described our weekend. I think it's appropriate...

First, all the kids and Mommy are sick. We came down with it the day that winter vacation started. Of course! I think we were sick at this time last year, too. And I had just been feeling grateful that we hadn't been ill yet this season. It's only a cold verses the stomach flu, so technically, it could be worse. Everyone feels warm, but no one is registering a fever, so that's something, right?

Then, there was the Saturday night trip to the ER for Katelyn. Yes. Again. Daddy took her again as well. This time she sliced her face right under her eye on the faucet in the bathtub. It was the first night they were taking a bath in there new-almost-ready-to-used-on-a-daily-basis bathroom. Apparently she put her face under water and when she came up she smacked into the faucet. Another half inch and it would have been her eye. It was deep but clean and the ER doc stuck that skin glue on it. It doesn't look too terrible. We keep waiting for her eye to get nice and purple. I have no pictures of it yet, but I'll be sure to show you soon.

Then there was last night. Robbie decided he wasn't going to sleep anymore. I knew those 3 nights of bliss weren't going to last forever. This time he was up almost every hour until I brought him into bed with me at 3:30am. Then he let me sleep for two hours in a row. But only that one time. He went back to every hour after that until I finally decided we were just getting up. He is either ready to cut a tooth or his ears are bugging him. But again, no fever, so we'll have to ride it out.

And then there was today. And the puking. Three times. By Katelyn. I know! That kid! It's her normal get sick and mucus-y and start hacking away until she pukes routine. She ate three breakfasts. All of them came back up. Just ask me how much laundry I've done today. Or how many times she's been in the shower. Or how many videos she has watched so she'll STAY STILL.

And, of course, everyone was cranky and tired from sleeping poorly (or going to bed late as was the case with Katelyn) and Mommy and Daddy got very little accomplished today. The dishes alone seems to eat up hours. Some of us got naps, but that only means that the girls are STILL awake and it's almost 9pm. UGH!

Can we just start over? Please?


Mommy Jules said...

I am so sorry to hear about your weekend. I am sending lots of Merry Christmas prayers your way!

Ro said...

Oh Arlene! I'm so sorry! Yuck for being sick, and then Kate's issues on top of it all. Someday soon it will all pass. Just keep hanging in there until that happens!