Friday, January 14, 2011

Photo Friday-Januarys of Old

January is a slow photo month. I've got nothing new for you. But as I was browsing through old photos to find something to post (so I don't get hate emails), I realized I hardly ever have photos from January. I decided instead of doing recent January photos, I'd go back and post ones from years past. Since this computer only goes back to mid 2007, my January photos start at 2008. Of course, I didn't post them that way. These are posted January 2010 to January 2008. Sometimes I just like doing things the hard way (and does it ever drive Daddy crazy!)

Ok, so to begin...January 2010. One year ago. Actually, I don't even have any January photos from last year. I find that incredibly hard to believe...maybe I never downloaded them to this computer? It's possible, but not very likely. So, instead, we have some photos from December 2009 and Feburary 2010...

Here's Padyn and Robbie about one year ago. Padyn looks similar, but look at Robbie. A year ago, he couldn't walk, he couldn't even sit up properly. He still had to be in the Boppy. And he has absolutely no hair. But he still loves his big sister. That hasn't changed.Here's one of our family photos from last December. Don't we all look so special!This is from Feburary 2010. I remember how hard it was to get a good picture of all three of them. This was the best one of the lot, and it still isn't great. But look! A year ago Kate was still letting me pull her hair back. Padyn still wears that green shirt. Robbie still has that pacifier.Feburary 2010. Katelyn doesn't wear her dress up clothes much anymore. I think it's part of her "I hate all clothes" phase. And look at those two tiny teeth Robbie had a year ago! He's got a full set of chompers now. I know. He likes running up to me and biting my legs.
Here we are in January 2009. I was pregnant with Robbie and we were living with Auntie. She was so kind to let us live with her while Daddy was still working two hours away and our house was being remodeled. Look! Katelyn used to willingly wear a leotard! (Next post I'll tell you all about her new ballet class.)
This is something that has remained the same in two years. The girls love dancing together. They got the soundtrack to "The Little Mermaid" for Christmas. We listen to it daily. They have choreographed little numbers for each piece of music. Good thing I like the soundtrack as I have heard the "Daughters of Triton" song at least 10 million times while they pretend to be Ariel's sisters.

Remember this? We used to come back to Auntie's house in the afternoon after kindergarten and preschool and the girls would get in their pajamas and play in their tent. It would be 3 in the afternoon and they would be dressed for bed. And even though it's been two years, they still have these PJs in their drawers. Yes. They still wear them.
January 2008. Three years ago. We still lived in the Bay Area. Katelyn was the age that Robbie is now. (She seemed so much older). Robbie wasn't even a thought in our minds at this point. The girls were just starting to play together. I remember this being a fun game...stick Kate in the laundry basket and sit on her. Padyn's always been such a good big sister, hasn't she?

Padyn at 4 years old...a bit younger than Kate is now.
Kate at 1 1/2. I know this is a horrible picture of her, but I just remember how messed up she'd be when she woke up from her nap. And she had that horrible mullet.

Here's a better one of her from the same month and year...such cute girls.
Happy (blast from the past) Friday.


Anonymous said...

I wished you still lived with Auntie, I miss those days... don't tell my husband :)

The Captain said...

Actually it's Love Mail.It is the first thing we check in the morning and it is always a treat to find a new post has appeared overnight.You provide us with great entertainment and beautiful Grandchildren.Thanks for including a picture of you and the Big Brute too.Keep slogging on and it will all turn out GREAT!