Friday, January 07, 2011

Photo Friday-Just Barely

It's hard to post pictures for Photo Friday when I hadn't taken any since December 27th. So, despite the hand foot and mouth disease, ear infections, cold viruses, goopy ears, and sore throats that have plagued us over the last couple weeks, I pulled at the camera today to show you what our typical Friday afternoon looks like...

The girls like to bring all their toys out to the family room and set up some elaborate scene to pretend around. Robbie just likes to hang out near them in his new shoes playing with his toys before the girls steal them to make part of their production.

Padyn is often writing some elaborate list or script or drawing some new creation. I'm not sure. But she prefers the floor to the table. Oh, and look. You can see Kate's new shoe, and the only pair of pants that she will wear these days. The shoes are the 3rd pair of Crocs I've bought for her over the last couple weeks. This is the pair she finally doesn't complain about. Well, she doesn't complain about them much. She still wears them, which is a huge accomplishment.
I'm really not sure what they are doing here but I do know that yarn is one of their favorite accessories lately. (See Robbie's blocks down there that they've stolen?)Oh's the only other article of clothing besides the "snow dress" that Kate will wear. It matches her pants. BonBon got it for her for Christmas. You had to scrape my mouth off the floor when she willingly put it on the day after Christmas. Seriously. It's this or the snow dress. And usually she wears the pants with the snow dress. The pant knees already look like they are a year old.And here's the big boy. Hand foot and mouth (which he gave to Mommy), runny nose, goopy ear with infection...isn't he a handsome one? I think he needs a haircut.
Happy Friday. I hope you are staying healthier than we are. We might be pathetic, but at least we are no longer contagious (fingers crossed).


Susan said...

Those are cute crocs! My kids are just finishing up a 2 week bout with Fifths. So you're not the only sicko's around:>

The Captain said...

Thanks for the effort. Hard to believe the health havoc these little terrorists can reek isn't it? Makes you wonder how your Mom managed.They sure are cute little buggers. Never heard of the disease R. has before. Can't wait until K. hits 17. That should be VERY entertaining.