Friday, January 28, 2011

Photo Friday-Random Weekly Photos

Here are just a few photos (because "just a few" is all I've taken lately) from the past few weeks. We'll start off with one from today. This one records Kate wearing gasp! new clothes AND a sweatshirt. Willingly. But I'm not sure why she always has to wear her hood. You'll see that in other photos as well. She's so happy here because I just let her purchase this silly horse that she's been eyeing for several weeks in the used children's store. It was only $4, but I made her do chores to earn it. It's not her birthday yet...nor is it a toy we need. (We have two other horses that we inherited from two different neighbors.) I felt that she really needed to work for that $4.
Robbie is in love with shoes. He calls them fee. Actually, all things relating to his feet are fee. Shoes, socks, and, well, FEET. But he also loves bigger shoes, and lately he's been all about stealing Padyn's pink Crocs. Like here... ...and here. He thinks he's so clever.
A few Sundays ago we decided to go bowling on campus since the weather was crummy and we had some friends visiting. Apparently, the rest of the county had the same idea because there was a huge wait for lanes. So instead of bowling, we played in the arcade. The first thing the girls wanted to do was play air hockey. I have no idea why. Padyn kicked Kate's butt. But, as you can see, Kate thoroughly enjoyed herself anyway. The score of 8 to 1 did nothing to deter her enthusiasm. Oh, and we came home and played our bowling video game, so I guess we got to "bowl" anyways...

It looks like she's laughing maniacally here, doesn't it? Skunking her sister must have gone to her head.
I found them doing this one morning when I came out of the bathroom. I guess raiding the game closet is better than raiding the pantry. I have a feeling these two are going to enjoy getting into plenty of trouble together in the future.
And finally, nothing is better than wrestling with Daddy. You can see here Robbie looks like he is about to do a belly flop onto Daddy. That's exactly what happened next.
Daddy trains are fun, too...
We'll try to do something photo-worthy this weekend.
Happy Friday.

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