Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Letter to a Four Year Old-Part II

Dear Katelyn,

Thank you for going through all your pants and shirts with me over the last two days and choosing the ones you are willing to wear. I'm actually quite amazed that you have 5 pairs of pants and 6 shirts that you claim are suitable for your sensitive body. Now you have a drawer that you can go to with all your acceptable clothes. That drawer right above your "will wear" clothes that have the clothes you "aren't sure about"...well, we'll just keep checking in on those. And while I'd say I was impressed that there are actually pants and shirts you are willing to wear, I'd have to forgot about that drawer in the stairs of you bed that now holds all those clothes you claim "you will never ever ever wear." You know, that drawer that holds your jeans, fleece pants, and every single pair of pajamas you own. I have to keep them. I do. There are just times when you have to wear jeans and you might absolutely require a solid pink shirt. But I won't dwell on that drawer. Today we made progress . When I told you it was too cold outside for a skirt and that you HAD TO wear pants and a sweatshirt or jacket, you did. Never mind that you get almost completely naked for the short ride to school. Never mind that you didn't wear socks. Never mind that you wore a short sleeve shirt under your fleece sweatshirt. I will just keep reminding myself of the progress.

But if you could just answer a simple question for me, Katie, you're daddy and I would be much appreciative. It would help us plan for future years. (Do we need to set money aside now for counseling?) How long are you planning on staying crazy? Is this a four year old thing that kindergarten will beat out of you? Or is this completely illogical, insane behavior that you exhibit day in and day out...over clothes, shoes, underwear, food, carseats, hairbrushes, and toothbrushes...is this here to stay? Are you that kid? If you could just let me know, please. I'll make sure I purchase enough booze on my Costco runs.

And even if you do stay crazy, I'll still love you. Even when you refuse to wear pants when it is 29 degrees outside.


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