Monday, March 20, 2006

Her favorite pasttime.

Padyn loves to read. She is very much like her parents in this way. But sometimes I worry. She can be reading and I'll ask if she wants to go outside, paint, color, etc., and she will refuse. Even the park. And she loves the park. But because she is reading, she doesn't want to go. Do you think I need to worry?

Since she was such a good girl today while we were waiting for the oil to get changed in the car, I let her pick a new book. This one is a Seasame Street "Look and Find" book. It's similar to Where's Waldo, but what they are looking for are colors instead of Waldo.
We've had the book for a couple hours and we've already had to read it through at least six times.

And you know what she's doing right at this very moment? Reading in bed. She has to be awake from her nap. She's been in there a little over 3 hours. I haven't heard a peep from her yet. Because. She. Is. Reading.

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Aaron's Mom said...

Oh, I hope beyond all hope that Aaron grows to love to read as much as Padyn does. His daddy doesn't read for fun but I do! I try to read to Aaron everyday but right now it usually has to be a very short story because he starts getting all squirmy and impatient. Hopefully this is just him being nine months and will change with time!

By the way, I heard all about your visit with the Girls' Moma, Coley and Jalyn! It sounds like you all had a great time together! The pictures of Coley and Padyn were so cute!