Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Two More

I have two more blogs to add to my list of people we know who also manage to keep a blog...

First, friends of ours, the Bergs. They just welcomed TWINS into their family last month. You can track the progress of little Austin and Brock as well as big brother, Jadon, as they move from a family of 3 to 5. You can imagine that life is a bit hectic, so don't expect daily updates, but definitely cheer them on and keep them in your prayers.

My second addition is the Syphus Family. Stacey is my oldest friend. Our mothers were best friends growing up and Stace and I were born a month apart. Unfortunately, her family moved away from ours when we were young, but we managed to stay close by being pen pals throughout our childhood. When we moved to the Bay Area, we discovered Stacey and her husband, Drew, were living in the same town, also with their first baby on the way! What are the chances? Sadly (well, only for us, not for them) they moved away over a year ago and we haven't had much contact. But, our Kate and their Charlotte are just days apart in age, and Stace and I will always be good friends-even if we don't talk to each other for a year! We're good like that.

So anyway, while she started her blog a while ago, I just got the link to it a few days ago. Stace doesn't post much either, but that shouldn't stop you for going over there and inundating her with comments. She'd love that!

Who's next?

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