Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Comparison at Fourteen (close to Fifteen) Months

I am extremely delinquent in my 14 month comparison and update, so the Kate's update will probably just be a combination of the two months (she isn't changed THAT quickly anymore, right?) and the comparisons will just be right on top of one another.

I don't think the girls look much alike anymore, but every once in a while I see an old picture of Padyn and recognize something of Katelyn in it. The eyes, the teeth, the toothy grin...I can tell they are sisters for sure. I tried to pick some pictures that highlighted their somewhat similar features.
So here they are...between 14 and 15 months of age. Kate is on the top and Padyn is on the bottom of each set.

Similar squeezable cheeks...Similarly delighted with themselves when they accomplish something new...
Similar profiles, particularly the nose...Similar happy, content personalities....

Differences at this age, you ask? Well, the main two are mobility and food. Padyn wasn't even close to walking at this age, while Kate is now trying her hand at running. Padyn was a much less picky eater. She'd eat almost anything as long as it wasn't milk. Kate still has a fear of meat, vegetables, and most fresh fruit. But she loves her some milk!

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