Thursday, June 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Coley Rose

Today is Coley Rose's birthday. Today, Padyn's best friend turns 4. It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since that stubborn little musically-inclined child made her way into the world. I remember crying when her Daddy called me to say she was born. (I was at a restaurant with some friends I hadn't seen for years. It was a bit embarrassing). I remember how beautiful she was right from the start. I remember hoping that my baby (whom I didn't know was a girl at the time) would be just as gorgeous. I remember calling Coley's Moma right after my ultrasound to tell her that I was going to have Coley's best friend instead of her future boyfriend.

Once Padyn came along 5 months after Coley Rose was born, the Girls' Moma and I made sure to get the girls together at least twice a year. Funny, I don't think we talked about it before hand. It just sort of evolved and is now a standard to which we live by. I wouldn't change it for anything. Getting Coley and Padyn together is hectic, nerve-racking and utterly fabulous-they are vastly different, yet scarily similar in so many ways. I love watching them learn to share, sing, dance, talk to each other, play with each other instead of just alongside, and really enjoy the other's company. And now that Jalyn and Katelyn have been thrown into the mix, our visits are all the more memorable (as well as a bit louder and more messy). I have to admit, I don't just make these visits happen for Padyn. My motivation is a bit selfish. I'm kinda fond of spending time with Coley's Moma. We were thrown together 8 years ago in Mississippi and despite never having lived in the same state since, we've somehow have managed to maintain a strong, authentic friendship. That just doesn't happen everyday. And that's why we make every effort to get Coley and Padyn together twice a year. That's the friendship I hope for for them.

So, at least twice a year since March of 2004. That's what we have here. Two friends, who will, God willing, be friends for life. There are two visits I don't have pictures from, but otherwise, here's a few of the Best Friends we've shot over the years. Enjoy.

March 2004

July 2004

August 2004
February 2005
March 2006
April 2007
June 2007

Happy Birthday, Coley Girl. We love you.

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the Girls' Moma said...

Arlene. Your love for my little girl is just one more way that I know God wove us together as friends all those years ago. Thanks for the pictures, thanks for the heart-mending narrative. I love you.