Sunday, June 17, 2007

New Adventures

This time around in Tahoe we strayed from our normal routine of laziness and attempted a few new adventures. J and I had been discussing getting bikes and a bike trailer, so we decided to rent one while we were at the lake. Why not? Great bike trails, cheap rentals, and a form of exercise that could involve the girls.

Surprisingly, Kate and Padyn seemed to enjoy the trailer. I was worried that since it's so low to the ground they would not be able to see anything and therefore become bored. And we all know how fun bored children are. There was some general complaining at the beginning, but it was mostly from Katelyn and I believe it was over the fact that I made her wear a helmet. But doesn't she look like she's enjoying it here?Padyn fell asleep on the trip out, but that could have been due to extreme comfort and feeling of ease rather than boredom. She tends to fall asleep easily in moving vehicles. She gets that from her Momma. Padyn wanted to walk in the river, so we had to make a stop on the way home and cool ourselves. The timing was pretty good for Mommy, who was pulling the trailer. The ride back to the city is uphill. I was sure Katelyn would hate the water since it's FREEZING, but I had to hold her back from throwing herself in. Obviously, Padyn loved it, and her shirt did not stay dry very long. We quickly became the white trash family hanging out on the bank of the Truckee. (That's ok. We've been white trash before. We have no shame.) Padyn liked the Truckee River so much, that the next day we went rafting along the same section that we had biked (another new adventure). This girl can't seem to get enough water. (We have no pictures of the rafting experience for obvious reason. My Nikon + Water = Hell Freezing Over.)
I don't have many other pictures from our 3 days in the Sierras, but I'll post some beach ones later in the week. I can't promise much this week in way of posting (trainings to give, VBS to get ready for) but I'll do what I can. I wouldn't want to disappoint the girls' fan base.

Have a great week!

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Mommy Jules said...

Hey, we just test drove bikes for me yesterday and we are looking into bike trailers,too! We ARE leading parallel lives! We should talk more about which trailer to buy. There are so many choices and a wide range of prices!