Friday, June 22, 2007

Photo Friday

Look! It's Friday! And there's photos! Actually taken today! That never happens...

This was our morning...hanging out on Mommy's bed, playing with toys, and eventually getting dressed. All these pictures were taken before we even made it downstairs for breakfast. That was finally about 8:30. Fridays are nice like that.
Kate showing off her paci
Padyn "reading" Daddy's book
Hanging out on Mommy's bed
She was making up the story and reading aloud to me.Hugging Bear BearPlaying Peek A BooAfter I finally got them dressed, we were still hanging out upstairs. Kate wandered off at some point and I found her in the playroom like this. Apparently Padyn isn't the only one who loves reading.

Beautiful Girl
Happy Friday!


Brand New Momma said...

Glad to see Ella isn't the only one who reads her books upside down.

p & k's mommy said...

Of course she's reading it upside down. That's how all the kids are doing it these days, don't ya know.

Really, it just shows they are so smart, they have to add more challenge by having the book UPSIDEDOWN.

Erin said...

I love that picture of Katelyn reading her book. And of course it's upside down. Is there any other way?

I love your Photo Fridays. You capture such great pictures of your girls!