Saturday, June 30, 2007

Missed it Again!

Yes, yes. It was Friday yesterday. I completely forgot. I've been so consumed with "Avalanche Ranch," our VBS program, that it didn't even register that it was that time of the week again. So, because I only took pictures of preschoolers doing VBS things this week, this is a "Padyn Photo Friday." These are shots from our week on the ranch. WAH-HOO!

I took individual photos of each preschooler for a craft they did on Friday. I thought the one I captured of Padyn was one of the best. Then again, I might be biased since she is my kid and all.I actually didn't take this friend, Chrissy did. I love how it captures Padyn's pure joy. Funny...she used to be scared of the parachute game. I guess not anymore. On Friday we had a special visitor to the ranch...a real live horse. Turbo (I think that was his name) was dressed in his parade finest. The Fourth of July Parade, that is. No one got to ride him. He was strictly for petting. He was amazing with all those kids yanking on his mane.Padyn and her posse...I mean, Ranch Crew. My good friend, Heather, was her Ranch Hand (ie leader).

If for some reason you want to see it all, you can go here and see what all the Highway kids were up to this week. I think there's even a shot of two of Kate in there. She spent the week in the nursery. We had a blast, but Thank God this doesn't happen every week. It may take another week to recover.

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