Thursday, December 06, 2007

Trying to Find the Time

Once NaBloPoMo ended last Friday, I really have not been motivated to blog. I stopped looking at all the details of the day through my blogging filter, so nothing has seemed post worthy in a few days.

Add to that a few stressful issues that I have on my plate, and I REALLY have not been motivated to post. I'd rather address my Christmas cards. That should clearly tell you how unmotivated I've been.

But, I did miss a few important days, and cute little phrases that have spilled forth from the mouths of my babes. I can't remember the utterances anymore, but I can tell you about one of the days...

Tuesday, Dec. 4th was Daddy's birthday. I didn't end up posting about it because all my allotted computer time was spent trying to create something for his birthday that in the end, didn't get created. (Don't you hate it when your photo project is lost forever due to the computer freezing up? Yea...that pretty much bites.) So, anyway, it was Daddy's birthday. I wish I could have done more to celebrate it, but I worked with the limitations of the day. It's funny...the two of us are kind of going in opposite directions concerning our birthdays. He is less and less interested in making a big deal out of his birthday, while I'm becoming more interested in celebrating mine. So, it was a mellow birthday date. I had fun, anyway. I think he did, too.

I did make him a chocolate chip banana bread, which made the whole house smell like bananas for the next 24 hours. And if you know me well, you know I hate bananas, so it was appreciated. Padyn helped. She didn't want to mash the bananas, but she did a good job stirring.

So, Happy Belated Blog Posted Birthday, my love. Here's to 50 or so more.


Erin said...

Happy Birthday J! Hope you had a good day eating chocolate chip banana bread because mmm, that just SOUNDS delicious.

The Captain said...

Happy Birthday Kid. Thanks for moving out of the house and finding a good woman.Ya done good.

A please don't stop blogging.