Friday, December 07, 2007

Update on Katelyn

We went back to the orthopedist today for a follow-up. It's been 12 days now since Kate injured her leg on the slide. I think the doctor was surprised to hear that Kate is still not walking. But after I told him I'm not giving her Motrin anymore, and she's pretty happy, he decided that she was healing. His diagnosis was supported when she didn't leap out of my lap as he pressed on her little shin today. She didn't like it, but her reaction was not as dramatic as last week. Getting better, it seems.

We also took another x-ray. Dr. F said there is a shadow on her tibia which might be bone growth. It would make sense that it was growing there over where he believes the fracture to be. So that was good news, too.

But, she still isn't walking. She absolutely refuses to. He thought it might be another week. I hope it's not too much longer. My back is getting tired from carrying her 26 pound frame around.

We go back next Friday again. I'll let you know.

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The Captain said...

Good news! We hope she'll be back dancing soon! Nice candid Friday pics! Those big dogs next to that baby girl still scare me though.Love.