Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wagon? Minivan? Econobox?

Actually, it's all three...

I feel compelled to answer Angie's question about what the heck our new car is. Ok, Ang, here you go.

Oh wait. I already wrote about it. Never mind. Just read this.

For my day to day usage, it stays a wagon with 4 seats. Those few times a week where I lug other kids around town with us, I just have to make sure I don't have too much crap in the back when I pull that 3rd row up and make it a mini-minivan.

So far, we love it. Even Padyn loves it. I don't think I told you, but she was very against getting a new car. After we test drove the 5 for a day, she was always talking about how she didn't want a new car. She wanted her car. Who knew a new car would be that traumatic for a 4 year old? (I hate to think about how she'll feel when we move.) We had actual tantrums that stemmed from not wanting a new car. In-her-room-screaming-for-10-minute kind of tantrums.

Even when we went to the dealership on Saturday to pick up the car, she was still complaining about it. All our reassurances about all of her stuff getting transferred to the new car did not appease her. She was adamant. This was not o.k. with her.

Then, the second she stepped into the 5, she said, "I LOVE our new car, Mommy!"

Man, those 4 year olds are fickle.

But, after 3 days, she still says she loves her new car, so it must be true.

We love it, too.

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Angie said...

Thanks for linking back to the old explanation. It was my birthday weekend and I was in a fog - but I do vaguely remember it!

My kids both liked our minivan when we got it. I think they like the ability to run around inside. However, Aidan is now asking when we can get a NEW car that drives fast. Ramesh says "it's not he cars' fault, but the drivers'". Haha