Saturday, April 05, 2008

Photo Saturday-Kate's Birthday

Thursday was Kate's birthday. We didn't have a "real" party...that's been saved for tomorrow. But, we did have a fun day. Here's the breakdown of how Katelyn spent her first day as a 2 year old.

8:36am Drop Padyn off at school (6 minutes late, as usual)
9:15am Church for Mommy's bible study. I got to play with all my friends and remind them that I am TWOOOOO!
11:30am Trip to Diddams to get supplies for my upcoming party. I wanted to buy everything. Mommy wouldn't let me.
12:30pm Pick up Padyn. So happy she's with me again. She reminded me that is was my birthday and I reminded her that I was TWOOOOO!
1pm Down for nap. Good thing...I was ready.
2:15pm Mommy woke me up from my nap. That does not make me happy, but at least she offered me milky to ease the pain.
2:30pm Drop Padyn off at dance class. Mommy and I went to the store to buy dirt and some new pots for the flowers we bought the other day.
3:15pm Pick up Padyn and (here's the best part) went to the park and had CUPCAKES with my friend Lauren and her big sister (Padyn's friend), Camille.
5pm Many cupcakes, juice, and sand later, we head home for dinner.
5:30pm Papa comes over. He stays for our highly nutritious birthday dinner of mac and cheese, hot dogs, carrots and oranges (I think there was salad, but I didn't get any where near it.)
6:30pm PRESENTS! I got to open the presents that Mommy, Daddy and Padyn got me. Now I can practice my bowling, put together card puzzles, and play with my new Little People. I just have to figure out a way to keep them away from Padyn.
7pm Bath, books and bed. Ahh....what a great birthday!

Thanks, everyone who sent me birthday wishes! I can't wait to turn 3!

Evidence of the cupcake

Papa and Kate
Padyn made sure the presents were being opened correctlyGuess what...I'm TWOOOOO


Chrissy said...

What a beautiful girl! Happy Birthay Kate! I'll send you a copy of the park photos from Winter break. I finally updated my blog tonight. It's been a little neglected lately. My boys just turned 13 on Saturday!!!

Erin said...

What great pictures! I can't believe how long Kate's hair is getting--and curly, too. They are both so very beautiful.