Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two Braids are Beautiful

Today I did something different with my hair.

Wait...let me back up a step for those of you that don't see me on a weekly basis.

I pretty much wear my hair in two ways. Curly, pulled back in one clip on the days I wash it (therefore I avoid the chore of blow drying it) and in two semi-French braids on days that I don't wash it. It alternates like this throughout the week. Curly, braids, curly braids. There are rare, non-washing days where I put it back in a severe bun (because I'm working or have some other reason to look professional) but usually, that's it.

OK, back to today.

Today, I did something different with my hair. I started it in two semi-French braids, but then braided them out with hair still hanging off my neck. I then took the remaining non-braided hair and made it a third strand (with the two braids being strands one and two) and I created a new, thick (very thick) braid down the back of my neck. Hence, it sort of looks like I have two braids from the top of my head, but then you only see one big fat braid in the back.

Get it?

Ok, here's the real reason I'm posting this...

In the car on the way to church tonight, Padyn says, "Mommy, you only have one braid."

M: You mean I only have one when I usually have two?

P: Yes.

M: Which do you like better, one or two braids?

P: I like two better. You look beautiful with you jump with two.

Hmmm...when I'm jumping with two. Don't worry. I was just as confused as you are. But we soon worked it out.

M: (thoroughly confused) What do you mean when I am jumping?

P: At your class, when you are jumping with the jump rope.

Oh, in my boxing class. We warm up by jumping rope and she and Kate watch me through the window from the childcare room. I had boxing this morning and I had my hair in two messy braids for class. I changed my hair after I showered later in the day.

Take home lesson of the day-two braids are more beautiful for jumping. Remember that all you little playground harlots when you are trying to win over the hearts of the young boys in your school. Cause really, you're probably the only females that will find this advice useful.


Brand New Momma said...

Hey where's the pic of the new 'one braid' style?

The Girls' Moma said...

I do love your braids.