Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What We've Been Up To

It's been a crazy few days here. I got home Saturday night, Auntie Colleen came for the night that same night, Auntie Christie arrived on Sunday with Bella and Trevor, and Grandma left on Monday afternoon. WHEW! And if that wasn't enough...Padyn come down with the stomach flu yesterday. Grandma has it too, so they must have gotten it together sometime while I was gone. Padyn is doing better today...sleeping a bit more than usual, but otherwise mostly back to normal. Kate seems to have avoided it (knock on wood and fingers crossed). Hopefully I will not get it either. But, seeing as how I let Padyn climb into bed with me at 5:30am yesterday morning (she hadn't thrown up yet) then it may very well just be a matter of time.

Let's see...what else is going on? Daddy has been delayed in coming home and we are all very sad about that. Every morning when I get Kate up, the second thing she says to me is, "I ana (wanna) see Daddy." (The first thing she says is, "I on (want) my milky.")

Bella, Trevie (as Kate calls him) and Aunt Christie are making the long trek home tomorrow. But fear not...Aunt Hezzie and Uncle Greggie with be coming with Lily dog and Grandpa and Mimi will be returning to CA tomorrow night! And Daddy should be coming home Friday. YIPEE! It will be a party Friday night.

Hopefully there will be no throwing up on Kate's or my part. That doesn't make for a pleasant homecoming.

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