Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Babies Galore!

I'm happy to announce that three of my friends have had babies in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, they all live on the East Coast, so I only get to bask in the cuteness via the internet.

First is Owen, aka "Sparky." Ella welcomed her baby brother into the world two Sundays ago. You can read all about it here if you haven't already.

Next, we have long awaited Emrys, whose Mommy refuses to blog. She entered the world on Wednesday the 27th. Her big brothers Owen and Cole were pretty excited to meet her. Unfortunately, her family moved to the Boston area a couple months ago and so we won't get to meet Emrys for quite a while.

And just this Friday, Aidan and Conor's baby brother was born. You can check out little Dylan here.

And this is why everyone should have a blog...

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Mommy Jules said...

We are having a baby boom as well! 3 of Chris's HS friends have had baby boys in the past couple months and Jessica is due in August, not to mention Jackie and Sacha! Very exciting!