Sunday, June 08, 2008

Points of Interest

I don't feel like there is anything really monumental about the girls to share these days, but I'll see what I can muster up for a few bullet points.

*The girls' babysitter brought them one of those Disney Princess Tea Sets from her grad trip to Disneyland (you know...the one that comes in the plastic Cinderella carriage?). You wanna know how excited they are about it? We've had a tea party everyday since then. Padyn keeps saying, "We're princesses!" and Kate keeps saying, "I be Cinderella!" I am always Jasmine.

*Grandma gave Katelyn a trampoline for her birthday. (Actually, she bought it for it for Christmas of last year, but that's when she had her broken leg, so we didn't give it to her until her birthday in April.) It's one of those little ones with a bar across the front that they kids hold onto while they are jumping. It's definitely a one-person-at-a-time jumpy. I currently have it placed behind the couch. The girls have figured out how to jump off the trampoline, over the back of the couch, and roll onto the floor. Super safe, I tell you.

*Padyn's all into "knock knock" jokes lately. The problem is, she only knows one real one, and it's the one that I taught her, which happens to be the only one I know, so we are rather limited in our inventory. The other problem is that Padyn really doesn't understand the word-play aspect of the knock knock joke. She thinks you can say anything after "Who's there?" and it will be funny. So, we end up with random, "Knock Knock/Who's there?/Apple/Apple who?/Apple in the bathtub!" jokes. Padyn's been saying them so much that Kate understands the dialogue structure and she will now respond with the appropriate responses. If you know any good knock knock jokes, please send them our way.

*At some point in the last month, one of their babysitters modeled for the girls the difference between drawings done with dry chalk and those done with wet chalk. Now, every inch of the backyard is covered in thick, bright chalk that was first wet down before being rubbed on items in need of decoration. Fortunately, wet chalk comes off clothes as easily as dry chalk does.

*Pool days are upon us and I have two very difference fish. Where Padyn is swimming back and forth between the step and me, Kate hardly wants to get her toes wet. Padyn jumps off the side and swims to the step. I have to force Kate in the pool where she refuses to let go of me, even to stand on the 1 foot deep step. Once she's in with me she enjoys herself, but she is certainly not willing initially. I'm hoping that changes over the course of the summer.

*Kate loves Padyn's computer. She wants it with her in the car, at the table and in her crib (the last two are not allowed.) She doesn't seem to know all the different things it can do, she just likes to push the buttons and hear it talk to her. She will even quote it..."Thanks for the email!"

*I mostly understand everything that comes out of Kate's mouth even when no one else can (foggy shoes = sparkly shoes) but I don't always understand why she says things. The most puzzling phrases that she so adamently spouts daily is, "I POMIS!" (I promise!). She puts her fists on her sides, sticks out her chin and declares this to whoever is listening. I no have any idea what exactly she is promising, but she clearly means it.

*My sister gave Padyn the DVD of Mary Poppins for Christmas and Padyn just recently decided she wanted to watch it. Now, both Kate and Padyn ask for it everyday. Interestly, we've probably been watching it for over a week, and we have yet to see the whole movie. It is so long! But the girls love it. Padyn wants me to put some of the songs from the movie on my i-Pod. Her favorites are "Spoon Full of Sugar" and "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."

See...I told you there wasn't much exciting happening around here. Just lots of little things that keep us smiling.


Mommy Jules said...

We are in the exact same boat with the Knock-Knock jokes! I know one, which I can't remember right now, and Connor makes his up on the spot. Sean actually tries to tell some himself: "Knock, Knock" Then we say," Who's there?" Sean says, "Connor who!" We say, "Connor Who" then Sean throws his head back and laughs. It's great

Erin said...

We've finally gotten through the knock-knock jokes phase. We're now in "let's play Baby" phase. Callie and Avery are good at this together, although Avery only knows how to fake cry and ask for milk, because that's what she thinks babies do. (she's actually right!) It's still sweet to see them playing together like that.