Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's Up Doc?

Padyn has always had a decent relationship with carrots. She normally eats a few mini carrots a day, without complaint. But I wouldn't say she loves them. She doesn't ask for them by name or anything. She's happy to have them, but wouldn't invite to go to Tahoe for the weekend.

Until tonight.

We've been getting carrots in our farm box for the last couple weeks. Real carrots-like with the stems still on them and everything. So far, Padyn hasn't really been interested in them. She thinks they're fun looking, but she has preferred to keep eating her mini carrots. Then, for whatever reason, she asked for one yesterday. She specifically wanted it whole. So, I peeled it and gave it to her. She ate it up, no fuss.

Tonight, I put another one on her plate, along with her hot dog, avocado, and blueberries. The carrot was the first thing she ate, and then she asked for another. She ate that one, along with the rest of her dinner. Then she asked for ANOTHER one. And polished that off. She would have eaten more, but that was the last one.

Now, granted, these aren't huge carrots, but they probably total 5 mini ones at least. That's still a healthy dose of carotene.

Hopefully she won't turn orange or start tormenting little fat hunters with a lisp.

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