Friday, June 06, 2008

Photo Friday-Graduation Day

Today was Padyn's preschool "graduation celebration." Now, first I need to tell you that I think making a big deal about kids "graduating" from preschool into kindergarten is a bit silly. There is no need for parties or presents and any of that. It's not based on their academic achievement as much as their age, so I don't think we should get all worked up about it.

With that said, I was very pleased with Padyn's little ceremony today. It was at a park, so there was no stage or decorations or anything. The kids lined up in front of the 40,000 cameras and sang a couple songs. Then, each student was called up by the director and given a certificate by their teachers. After receiving their "diploma," the student joined their family. That was it. No pomp and circumstance, no balloons or caps or other hoopla. Right up my alley.

Here's a few pictures from the morning. Enjoy!

Padyn and Kate with P's teacher, Mrs. Y. P with her other teacher, Miss M. Receiving her "diploma" Hugs from Miss M. (I love how Kate keeps trying to move in on the action. At least she didn't try to join the big kids up front.) The Pre-K's singing Kate's favorite "Hippo" song Lost in songPadyn and Natalie waiting to see what happens next. Happy Friday.


Mommy Jules said...

Connor had a similar last day party with songs, certificate and a picnic at the park. Very cute. So next year is Kindergarten for P! Can you believe it?

Erin said...

That's how Callie's graduation was...they sang for the parents, got their "diploma", took a bow (which I thought was hilarious), and then were released to us. It was a cute program and we got to see the hard work they'd been doing in memorizing all those songs. I haven't even had time to process it all to be able to post about it!