Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Party all the Time

I was just leaving a comment on Lulu's blog and I realized I should tell the story here, too.

So, Kate loves singing Happy Birthday. But it's when she starts singing it that cracks me up. Occasionally she'll just bust into it, but usually something triggers it for her. What might that be you ask?

A candle of course.

It can be ANY type of candle-votive, tapered, Yankee...whatever. It is never an actual birthday candle. It's always one that is in no way associated with being one year older.

This is how it goes down. She spies the candle, runs over and tries to grab it, spits all over it while pretending to blow it out, then sings as loudly as she can, "HAPPY BURFDAY TO MEEEEEEEE!"

Then she claps and says yeah.

I love this kid.

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