Saturday, May 13, 2006

Barney Love

Because Joel and I are both visually distractable and if we had cable or DirectTV like normal people, we would never talk to each other, we don't have cable. What's good for our marriage is also good for our children. However, we do get a few free TV channels due to our rabbit ear antenna, so Padyn is able to watch some of the normal toddler/preschool shows like Barney and Sesame Street. These are only on at select times in the morning, and I usually take advantage of that time to shower, get ready to leave the house, feed Kate, pay bills, check email, etc. But there are other times of the day I need a little TV distraction for her, so I have recorded a of couple episodes for emergency usage.

Today is Saturday, so no good shows are on our available channels for Padyn. Therefore, she is watching a Barney episode I have recorded for the 17th time. I usually don't watch with her since I'm usually in the shower, but today I fed Kate in the room with her while she watched. And I couldn't believe it. She can quote most of the episode! And act it out! How is it she is able to accomplish this amazing feat? Just another reminder that I need to be careful about she is watches.

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