Thursday, May 18, 2006

I want to be like my Papa

Padyn's Papa is an avid golfer. So, on Mother's Day, when we had brunch at the club with Papa and Bon-Bon, Papa had Padyn practice her putting.

He took her over to the proshop and got a putter and ball for her. A pink golf ball. As they were walking back towards me and our table, Padyn was shouting, "Mommy! Mommy! I got a ball! Mommy! I got a pink ball! Look Mommy! Look at my ball!" I'm sure the golfers were happy with all the noise she was making.

She understands the basics of putting-hold the putter, push the ball into the hole, remove and repeat. She really enjoys taking the marker out of the hole and carrying it around the green.

While the putting green is designed for, you know, putting, Padyn seemed to think it was also designed for gymnastics. And bouncing the golf ball. And running. With a metal stick in her hand. She's safety conscious like that.

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