Thursday, May 18, 2006

First Days of Summer

Last weekend, when it was about 300 degrees here, we kicked off the summer season by our first dip in the pool. For Mommy and Kate, it was really just putting our feet in (Mommy ain't ready for a suit yet.) When I dipped Kate's feet in, she SCREAMED. Guess she won't be getting in the pool for a while. But Padyn had a fabulous time. We went two days in a row in the kiddie pool at Papa's club. It was great as it was only a foot and a half deep. She bounced up and down, back and forth across the pool for an hour. I was worried that it had been so long since she was in the pool that she'd be a bit hesitant, like she normally is in new situations. But no-she went right back to blowing bubbles, putting her face in, and even trying to kick with the kickboard! We'll have to perfect that this summer.


Angie said...

What cute little girls you have! I am so glad that I can stay "connected" by following this blog. I also hope my kids take to the pool so well this summer!

Erin said...

Those are great pictures! Padyn is a big girl putting her face in the water like that. Callie's still not willing to do that.