Sunday, May 28, 2006

Small Victories

Potty training for Padyn began in earnest yesterday. By the end of the day I was sure she was going to be going off to college still wearing diapers. She wore underwear most of the day (a pull-up for nap time) and was promised a "cookie" every time she used the potty. We set the timer and every 30 minutes made the trip to the potty. We had no accidents, but she also only peed in the potty twice. By early evening she was refusing to sit on it and we went back to diapers. I was sure we were doomed to potty training failure.

Today I decided on a different tactic. Still only in underwear (when we are at home-at church we had a diaper...and during nap, of course. I'm not into changing the sheets everyday) but if she didn't want to sit on the potty when it was time (every 30 minutes) then I said fine. I figured accidents might make her want to sit on it. She was extremely hesitant to go back to underwear, but when I upped the ante to a jelly bean for sitting on the potty (just sitting on it, mind you) we were on our way.

We set up "potty central" in the entry way. I wanted to keep her on the floor and away from the rug. So, I hung paper up and the wall, and set out the crayons, markers and stickers. We put the potty seat right out there with her as a visual reminder. A jelly bean for sitting and two for peeing was the promise. I was praying it would work.

I wasn't present at the first 30 minute mark, but apparently she refused to sit, and as soon as she stood up, she peed on the floor. Neither she nor daddy were very happy about it. The next time around, she had started peeing while coloring and said, "Mommy, help. I'm peeing." Strike two. But that, I am extremely happy to report, was the end of the accidents for the day. By the end of the night, she TOLD me she had to use the potty. Before she peed! She was eating dinner and said, "I want to go potty." I took her, she sat, she did the deed and Mommy danced for joy.

Maybe we're going to conquer this thing after all.

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the Girls' Moma said...

Yay! Looks like accidents are the key! Nice job. I can't imagine doing all that while still nursing! Great job, Mom. Oh, and Dad, too!