Friday, May 05, 2006

Katelyn at One Month

Since one of the reasons I'm keeping this blog is to have something to look back at when the girls are older and remember what my children were like when they were young, I really should post some facts so I can reminisce later. (Especially since I'm still pretty foggy most days.) This is a purely selfish post, so feel free to skip it.

Katelyn: 1 Month Old
*eats every 3 hours during the day, starting at around 7:30am
*after 10pm feeding, sleeps about 5 hours
*naps well after 10am and 1pm feedings
*has baby ache and a receding hairline
*eyes blue, hair brown
*weighs a bit over 8 pounds and is about 22 inches long
*has already outgrown a few Newborn size outfits
*only cries when very hungry or very tired
*loves the bouncy seat, hates the carseat
*spends most of her wakeful hours grunting and in constant motion
(at her two week appointment, her doctor said she was quite active)
*when lying on your chest, can pick her head up and hold it there
*likes looking in the mirror over her changing table
*really wants to keep the pacifier in her mouth, but can't quite do it
*seems to like her big sister's attention

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