Monday, July 10, 2006

4th of July Fun

I know, I know...Independence Day was a WEEK ago, but I just got the pictures off the camera now. Don't ask me why it takes me so long. Instead think, "Wow, she has a toddler and an infant AND she managed to get pictures up on the blog in less than 3 months! What an amazing woman she must be!"

The outfits
(you like it, Lis?)
this is what she had on in the morning...
and this is what she had on in the afternoon
Ummm, are you spitting on your sister?
Padyn really wanted Kate to be able to enjoy her 4th of July fairy princess wand, too
And what did we do to celebrate our nation's independence you ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. It was perfect.


Aaron's Mom said...

Heck, yeah! Doing nothing on the Fourth of July is AWESOME! We watched the fireworks on TV then went to bed. No crowds to fight, no cranky toddlers because we're up too late. Love it!

the Girls' Moma said...

Yes! I love Kate's airplanes! Hmmm, that outfit seems so familiar... Very creative to wear that on the 4th of July! And I love her big red satellite bow. Awesome! Padyn's shoes are the best, too.

Was P's magic wand a giant pom-pom?