Friday, July 28, 2006

There's a Fish in the House

This summer will be known as the summer Padyn learned to swim. You see, she already thinks she can swim. As in...
"Mommy, move back. More. More. Ok, I swim to you."
and pushes herself off the step.

And then? This is the amazing part. She goes underwater. Kicks her legs. Moves her arms. Holds her breath. And swims the 5 or so feet to us. She reaches out to us. She pulls herself up. Huge smiles.

It isn't really that amazing that she can almost swim at only 2 and a half years old. If you knew Joel and I as children, then you understand where her waterbaby ability comes from. But the part that is really amazing?

She's teaching herself.

Everyday she tries something new. Spinning around underwater without holding onto anything. Doing pull-ups on the noodle, going all the way underwater. Going underwater and looking around. Kicking by herself on the kickboard. I occasionally try to show her how to use her arms or how to kick, but really? She's figuring this thing out all by herself.

With no fear or hesitation what-so-ever.

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Erin said...

Can I sign Callie up for lessons with Padyn?