Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Simple Life

We've been on vacation for a while. Can you tell? Being away from the computer for over a week has left my typing skills weaken, therefore, I can only post pictures at the moment. Commentary to follow.


the Girls' Moma said...

Thanks for posting the pictures. I was beginning to suffer withdrawal.

Being outside allows for some great shots, doesn't it? I love Padyn's facial expression in the group one. And Kate's toes are almost calling me to tickle them. She looks so cute in her hats. You are looking good, too, missy!

You should frame the one of P and Daddy in the boat. That one has great composition and color. Love it.

How long 'til you're back home?

p & k's mommy said...

Home now...barely.

I have a bunch of P and Daddy in the boat. I'm not sure why I chose that one to post. I have some close-ups that I shot with the long lense that are good, too.

Gotta love those outside shots!