Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Summertime and the Living is Easy Part II

I've been trying to post pictures to this elaborate essay I wrote late last night about our week and a half in Tahoe. Blogger, true to form, was not cooperating. I think I have managed to trick it for now, but apparently it won't let me post all my pictures in one entry. Too much data for it to deal with, I guess. So, you get the cut and pasted version of my essay in two different posts. At least it's in chronological order.

I had had big plans to start getting back into shape this trip by walking everyday. Yeah, that didn't happen. We went on two walks. Two. One was about a mile up to the top of Martis Peak. It was only a mile, but it was a workout. Especially pushing Padyn in the stroller. And I didn't even push her the whole time! From the top we had a 360 degree view of everything-lake, Truckee, Nevada, all the mountains-it was breathtaking. That's where Padyn saw the snow. The other was a lazy walk in the neighborhood. I was pushing Kate in the stroller so I got a little bit of a work-out. Oh well, it's vacation, right?

On the way home we made a few stops to visit friends and eat. We visited with Scott and his family that moved away almost a year ago. Scott's Mommy is my oldest friend. It is rather fitting that we both just had our second kids 1 day apart! Charlotte and Kate will hopefully grow up to be good friends, too. At our second stop Padyn got to play with her boyfriends, Austin and Brooks. They can fight over her later. Kate and her friend Kelsey got some time to hang out as well. Kelsey was 6 weeks old on Saturday, just as Kate was turning 13 weeks.

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Grandma said...

What great pictures. I'm sure you have hundreds more too. The picture of you and Stacey with all 4 kids was great to see. I especially loved the one of you and Padyn when she is kissing you on the cheek. Precious.
Glad you all had a wonderful time.