Friday, July 06, 2007

Photo Friday

Remember how I told you Kate loves shoes? Well, this is what I found this morning when I went in to get her up...
It seems that when I wasn't looking (I admit, I was still in bed, finishing my book and drinking coffee...I'm lazy sometimes like that), Padyn was taking shoes out of my closet and bringing them to Kate. Kate thought this was the greatest thing EVER. She was VERY mad at me when I took them out of her crib and made Padyn put them back in my closet. I'm worried about what this girl will be like in the future. Is there a Shoe Lover's Anonymous? I should sign her up early.

Padyn got into it, too. I can't believe they can both walk around in my high heels. I'm worried about them spraining their ankles.
Oh, and do you notice Padyn's blue skort on under her pink dress? She got herself dressed this morning (again...lazy. In bed, with coffee...). She came in to show me her accomplishment, held up her dress and said, "I put my skirt on, too, in case it's cold outside." Nevermind that it was almost 90 degrees yesterday and we don't have air conditioning. She is one well-prepared girl.


Erin said...

And look! White trash Kate back there in the background with just a diaper on. Woohoo! My kids aren't the only ones! Just because my kids weren't born in NC (well, one anyway) doesn't mean they can't be white trash with the best of 'em. Ha!

p & k's mommy said...

Of COURSE she's White Trash Baby. Isn't the second kid always the one that runs around naked?

I guess I should write a post about her taking her clothes off, which she tries to do whenever she wears spaghetti straps.

Jen said...

I love this post!! Starting so young, watch out!! That's how I was with purses!!

Oh and btw you have some cute shoes!!

p & k's mommy said...

Padyn always picks out my cutest ones to try on. She has good taste, too.