Friday, February 01, 2008

Long Morning

I waited 3 hours this morning to register Padyn for Kindergarden for next year.

Three hours.

And we might be moving this summer. So I may have to do it all again.

How insane is that?

Sometimes this over-achieving parenting thing drives me insane. Not my own parenting mind's the over-achievement of others that forces me to over-achieve just so we can be average. It's kindergarden, people! Not an ivy league university.

Does that make any sense?

Anyway, three hours-1 1/2 in line outside, in the bitter cold, and 1 1/2 in a room, sitting on the floor, waiting for my number to be called. Oh, did I mention both girls were with me?

I have the most wonderful children on the face of the planet.

I also had M&M's, which helped my children be wonderful.

Now they are napping. I think I will, too.


McReynolds Family said...

Moving? Sorry, I forgot to call you this Thursday. I will try soon. Heather

Rochelle said...

Yuck. That's a long wait. Where are you registering her?