Friday, February 29, 2008

Photo Friday

We won't see this day again for 4 years, so we'll record it for posterity with some pictures from the zoo that I took today. (Hopefully, it will be sooner than 4 years that we go to the zoo again.)

I know it's not many pictures, but since Grandma is one of the biggest Photo Friday fans, and she's here at our house, I didn't feel compelled to put up a bunch. Sorry if that disappoints you.

We went to the zoo today with Grandma, our pals CJ and Abbie, and another friend of theirs (and, of course, the mommies). Padyn was quite a character. Even before we got in the car to leave this morning, she was telling me she wanted to "walk on the rocks on the water." You see, in the Children's Zoo part, they have this little pond with these cement lily pads across them. She's never walked on them before, probably because I've never let her. But for whatever reason, they were stuck in her head and, darn it, she was going to CONQUER them today. She did. Twice. Three little monkeys climbing up the just so happens that they are watching the monkeys.
Effants! Effants!
Kate loved the zoo today. It was the first time where she's been there and I've let her walk around. She was happy to go off with any group, as long as they fed her, I'm sure. She was running around, shouting about all the was a fabulous day for her. The Map Reader. Padyn was ALL ABOUT the map today. She had it out the whole time and told us all the places she wanted to go. And the best part? She knew what all the animals were from the pictures. Even the meerkats. When I asked her how she possibly knew what a meerkat was, she rolled her eyes at me, sighed and said, "From George, Mommy." Like, duh.
"Padyn, smile for me. No, not so squinty. Just have a normal face. Ok, now you look depressed. Just look happy." This is the result...
Happy Friday. Oh, and happy last day of February.


Erin said...

I love the picture of K with the blurry elephant in the background. That is a great shot! And the last picture of P's smile is very nice, I think. :)

Mommy Jules said...

That last one of Padyn is so cute. She looks wise beyond her years, which I am sure she is. Love the map and meerkats comment!