Friday, February 08, 2008

Photo Friday-Papa's Birthday

Sorry it's been quiet around here this week. Lots of stuff going on. But enough excuses...

Today was Papa's birthday. (I won't embarrass him by telling you how old he is.) Bella, her baby brother Trevor, and their Mommy flew up from So. Cal. today just for the occassion. They are staying with us this weekend. How excited do you think Padyn is? Yes, very.

Here's a few I took tonight. Bella and Padyn decorated the cake that I made. Do you like the green frosting? It was a compromise. They wanted pink and purple. The Mommies didn't think Papa would like that so much, so we got the girls to agree on green with yellow accents. And the sprinkles, of course. What good is homemade cream cheese frosting without sprinkles?Hanging out with Auntie.Papa and his girls.

Kate figuring out the puzzles...notice her pink sparkley shoes?Hey's Baby Trevor eating at the table! Oh wait, that's Trevor eating the table. Bella and Kate dancing to "Jump"Apparently, this is Kate's new smile. Oh yes, and that is an infant car seat she's sitting in.

Happy Birthday, Papa. And Happy Friday to all the rest of you.

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