Friday, February 22, 2008

Photo (New Flash!) Friday

I finally got the SB-600 Speedlight external flash for my camera. I've been talking about getting it for months, talked to a few people about all the pros and cons of different models, and gathered bits of information on the internet. I finally bit the bullet and bought the thing. It came yesterday. It's beautiful. I think I'm in love.

So, today's Photo Friday is an example of how I've been testing it out. I love how I can rotate and swivel the flash to all angles-straight up, sideways, sideways on a 45 degree angle, backwards...the possibilities seem endless. It seems to get me the best light downstairs if I swivel it and bounce it off a side wall verses the ceiling or the wall behind my subjects. So so so much fun! When I stops raining, I'll go play with it outside. And maybe, just maybe, I'll read the directions sometime this weekend.

So, here you go. This first one is NOT attractive of me, so you must ignore the subject, but it is with just the new flash pointing at the ceiling. Joel shot it, obviously, as you can see his reflection in the window behind me.And here's the one with the external flash pointing to the right. It's so much cleaner and sharper. Yet, again, not so attractive of me.This is in the family room at about 10am this morning. There's a sliding glass door to the right of Kate. That's where all the light in the room comes from. Here's one without the flash.And here's one with the flash.

And finally, my two favorite photos that I took this morning. These were taken in the kitchen. The window is behind me and I bounced the flash off the cupboard to my left.Happy Friday!


Ah ha! I found it! said...

Addiction - comes in many, many forms

You're hooked!!!


Erin said...

Yay! You got it! I LOVE your picture comparisons with/without the flash. The lighting on P at the bottom looks really good, very natural. The one of K is good, too, of course. But I like the lighting of P better. :) Have fun experimenting!

Cozy Mom said...
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Cozy Mom said...

Was that my sister or my mother in the picture? I swear if you compared a picture of Mom at 30 to you today they would be almost identical.