Saturday, February 16, 2008

Photo Saturday-Playtime

Coley and Jalyn have been visiting us for a couple days on their way to their new home in Oklahoma, so Photo Friday didn't really happen. Four loud girls under the age of 5 don't for blogging time make. But here are some photos, only one day late, to show how much fun we've been having over the last couple days.

Waiting for C and J to arrive, we were playing outside at dusk. Padyn had me trace her body and the ground. You know, like a crime scene. We're good like that.Kate kept saying, "Cassle, cassle (castle)." I thought she was talking about drawing a castle, but she said no. Then she stood the chalks up and said it again. Apparently, building castles isn't just for the sand.New favorite game outside-pushing babydoll and stroller around the driveway.It was a beautiful day here yesterday, so we headed to the park. The three older girls walked the 1/2 mile there and back with minimal complaints. You better believe they were ready for naptime when it rolled around that afternoon.

Two blondies playing in the sand.Coley and Padyn.Snack time-Jalyn and Padyn enjoying their dried fruit snacks.Kate and Jalyn swinging at the same speed. They thought it was pretty cool.

Monkey girl...and yes. She has no shoes on.

Happy Weekend. And have a good trip, W's. We love you.

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Brand New Momma said...

Uhh, I want some warmer weather! No shoes at the park? Still 3 months until we can even wish for weather warm enough for that! Padyn we all envy your feet....