Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Things She Does

Kate is Little Miss All That these days. It's a good thing she's so cute or I'd probably end up leaving her in her crib all day. She's got some newish (only because I have failed to write them down before) traits that either crack us up or drive us insane. You decide which is which.

Everything has to be "three." Twee vi-uh-minz (vitamins), One, toooo, TWEE!, I ah-nt twee (I want three). It's all about the three.

Counting and ABCs
Apparently, someone taught her to count to ten and sing her ABCs recently. It wasn't me, so I won't even attempt to take any credit. But it is darn cute.

Dare Ya Go
I had no idea we said this with such frequency until Kate started saying it. Every time she gives you something, puts something in it's correct spot, or finishes a task, she says, "Dare ya go." (There you go.)

Shouts and Repeats
Her normal talking voice has increased in volume to a level of near shouting. I guess she isn't heard enough, so she has to speak more loudly. Either that or she thinks we are all deaf.

And the repeating. The majority of her speech, I would say 70-85%, is simply repeating what we have said. Repeatedly. The rest of her speech is repeating what she has said. Again, repeatedly. She must be learning this from me.

Kate is really developing at little entitlement attitude. When she doesn't get her way, you know it. She screams, she throws herself on the floor, she walks right up to you and growls in your face. And when I put her in her crib for a time out for unpleasant behavior? She screams louder and tries to climb out. Great.

Nigh Nigh, Good Morning
She loves climbing into Padyn's bed in the morning as soon as we take her out of her crib. She snuggles in under the covers, tightly squeezes her eyes shut and says, "Nigh nigh!" About 2 and a half seconds later, she sits up and shouts, "Mooring!" This is repeated until I forcefully pull her out of bed to get her dressed. Usually she kicks me as she vigorously shakes her head back and forth yelling, "NO! NO! NO!"

It doesn't just happen in Padyn's bed, though. She does it on the couch with the throw blanket, under the towel after the bath, and in the donut at gymnastics. She loves pretending to go to sleep.

Shower Bath
Both the girls are into this right now. I started it last week when Kate was coughing. The doctor suggested we put her in the shower for the steam. Instead, we combined the bath and shower. Now, it's a treat. "Mommy, can we have a shower bath tonight?" "Only if you behave..."

Kate LOVES pretending. Her favorite seems to be making everything either a Mommy or Baby. In the bath we have Mommy Ducky and Baby Ducky. At breakfast, a mommy mango and a baby mango. Same goes for the little people, the vitamins, and the Mr. Potato Heads. I have to say, though, it usually confuses me. You see, she'll start shouting, " Mommy! Mommy!" and I will think she's calling for me. When I go running in, I find she's just yelling at her apricots.

All her lovies
I was o.k. when she demanded to sleep with BooBoo and Paci. But now, it's BooBoo, paci, effant (elephant), babydah (baby doll), sicbabydah (sick baby doll), and wa (water). Too many things for Mommy to keep track of. I'm trying to convince her they all need to stay in the crib. Sometimes it works, but usually I'm running around frantically trying to find them all before naptime.

Oh, and she's also testing at her stalling tactics. When I tell her it's time for her nap she says, "No! EAT!" as if she hadn't just finished lunch.

Daddy taught her to say, "Hmmm...where's the ______." When she says the "hmmmm" she puts her finger to her lips and furrows her brow. Then she replies, " I doe no!" (I don't know!) and she puts her hands out, palms up, like she's shrugging her shoulders.

I onna wok
Lately, she wants to walk every where, instead of being carried. But she doesn't want to hold my hand. She thinks that when she says, "I onna wok (I wanna walk)" it means, "I don't want to have to hang onto you, Mommy. What if I feel the need to run into the street? You would really hold me back." We are still working on that one.

Lastly, Kate has discovered her love of coloring. Pencils, crayons, or markers...she doesn't care what it is, she just wants to color with it. The only problem? She colors on more than just paper...the table, the chairs, my white cabinet. I've even caught her coloring on the floor a few times. Great. Fortunately, I just replenished my supply of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Now I'm ready for her.


Erin said...

What a sweet girl. Avery and Katelyn are doing a lot of the same things, although it sounds like K's talking a lot clearer than Avery. We have the "I dohn no" (I don't know) with the palms up and shrugging shoulders. It has got to be my most favorite expression of Avery's. Sometimes I'll ask her where something is, just to see her do that.

I need to write all this stuff down on my own blog!

Rochelle said...

I'm frightened that we might have the same child. Everything is one-two-three, night night ends in "morning!", and it's all yelled quite loudly. Caitlin wants to walk everywhere also, and do everything "by self!" (by her self. No help from mom). And, she sleeps with all her stuffed animals and expects me to carry them all downstairs with us after naps. I'm afraid I'm going to trip and kill both of us! Anyway, next time Kate yells, or otherwise makes you frantic, just know that we are in exactly the same place!

Cozy Mom said...

In case I haven't said it lately, "I love that kid!" Hope she is having fun with Grandma this weekend. You can visit my blog to see new pictures of Trev.