Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Little Mermaids

We went to Daddy's company picnic last Friday. Like last year, the Disney Princess Facepainters were there decorating all the kids, big and little. (That's not really the name of their company, but they come all dressed up fun and one lady wears a hat with all the princess figurines glued to it.) Though, unlike last year, this year the ladies were so popular, we had to wait 30 minutes before it was our turn at the paints. It was quite a wait, but Padyn was SOOOO wanting to get a body part painted that she waited super patiently until it was finally her turn for the chair.

At first, she wanted to get her entire face painted in some sort of butterfly or cat mask. (I'm telling you, these ladies are TALENTED. You should have seen the wonder even the adults were vying for a spot in their chairs.) But when we had been in line about 5 minutes, one of the little girls who had made it to the chair requested an Ariel. That was it. Padyn wanted Ariel. Then of course, Kate did, too. Here's what we ended up with...

The mermaid for an impatient two year old...The mermaid for a VERY patient and still 4 year old...

Too bad they washed off as soon as we went swimming. But that's what cameras are for, right?

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