Friday, July 18, 2008

Photo Friday-Horses, Flappers and Gymnasts

Here is a brief review of our week...

Last Saturday we went to a birthday party at a ranch in the foothills. Each child had the opportunity to ride a pony around the corral. Padyn was extremely excited about it. She might not look excited in her ride around the enclosure, but trust me...she was excited. Kate, on the other hand, was not interested AT ALL. In fact, the day before when we had been at Daddy's company picnic, she had freaked out over the horse pulling the train we rode. And she wasn't anywhere near it. So, she stayed far away from little Spirit the Pony.
We are limited in our selection of dress-up clothes. It's probably due to the fact that I don't go for the Disney Princess stuff. Well, usually our selection is fine for the girls, but on days when we have friends over and everyone wants to dress up, it's gets a bit thin. This occurred on Tuesday during a playdate, but I managed to save the day by pulling one of Aunt Christie's old dance costumes out of the closet. It amazingly fit Padyn. Doesn't see look adorable? Do you remember this one, Christie?I asked her to pose. This is what I got. I love the look Kate is giving her.Kate got a bit tired of playing with other kids that afternoon. I found her on Padyn's bed, comforting herself with Paci Boo Boo and a good book.Padyn went to gymnastics camp this week at the Little Gym. It was "Fantasy Castle" week, so all the games and crafts had something to do with princesses, castles, trolls, and magic spells. She had a fantastic time. I didn't manage to get any pictures of her actually doing gymnasticy things, but I have one of her after class yesterday in her super cute gymnastics leotard.Here's what I got when I asked her to do a gymnastics pose for me. I had no idea this is what all the latest gymnasts where doing.Happy Friday.


Mommy Jules said...

I think you need to teach P to praise the light! She definitely looks ready. She reminds me of you in the last picture.

Cozy Mom said...

I do remember that costume. It was a tap routine, and the dress hit mid thigh! I can't believe it fits her.
Mom, you'll have find the pictures of me in that one and see how old I was.