Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Move Over Venus...

...your competition is coming.

Padyn has discovered a new sport she loves. Tennis.

I know, I know. Tennis seems so, well, snooty, with all the short skirts and country clubs. But Papa signed her up (hence, the country club) and she's doing surprisingly well. And she likes it. A lot. I'm a bit surprised. I mean, I would think that tennis would get boring for a 4 and a half year old. It's not like she's old enough to rally. They do drills for the entire hour of the lesson.
She doesn't get to hit the ball that much and she spends a lot of time waiting for her turn at the net. You'd think she be done with that after 15 minutes.

But she really is surprisingly good. She hits that ball on average more than her 4-6 year old counterparts. And she's having a great time doing it.

Who knew she'd actually turn out to be an athlete?

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Erin said...

TENNIS?! How cool is that! I wish I was good at it. I'm sure P would show me up if I met her on the court. :)