Friday, July 11, 2008

Photo Friday-Museum Time

Remember how on Wednesday I said we had been to the Bay Area Discovery Museum? Well, since those are the only pictures I managed to take this week, those are the ones I'm posting for your viewing pleasure this Photo Friday.

We met at the museum in Sausalito because it was a somewhat central point for the three of us traveling from different parts of northern state. (If Juls and Jack post any additional pics, can can find them here and here). Here are the kiddos who joined us on our adventure...

Connor-he's looking pretty serious in his construction gear.
Sean-Connor's little bro. He loved playing in the water.Lulu (aka Emily)-this is the only picture I got of the little miss. She was always on the go and not interested in looking at me. Maybe her mommy or Auntie Juls got a better one.And you know these two...

Kate-she loved digging in the gravel, but she kept taking her shoes off. I'm sure it was just to annoy Mommy. Padyn-here she is posing on a replica of the bridge her daddy built her.The two big kid trying to plant their "seeds" on the computer-Padyn never did figure out the optimal conditions for growing watermelon (neither did Mommy, and I swear I tried all the different possibilities.) Connor managed to grow very luscious tomatoes. Working on the bridge-maybe she really will be an engineer one day.Examining the starfish-she loved taking them in and out of the water. Watching themselves on the TV-This was a green screen. On the TV monitor they could see themselves with a video of fish swimming behind them. It was pretty cool. Kissing the turtle puppet. The view from the Wave Building. A bit hazy from all the fires, and warm by SF standards.No, no pictures of the mommies. Somehow we managed to stay out of the way of the camera. Fortunately, the roomies don't change as frequently as the kiddos, so we don't need as many pictures of each other. Well, except for that pregnant one. But trust me, she looks pregnant. You don't need to see a picture from me to prove it.
Happy Friday!

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