Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of Preschool

Today was more like "Play in Your New Classroom Day" rather than "1st Day of Preschool," but still, Padyn had a pretty good time. She didn't talk to anyone, mind you, but she had a great time playing with all the toys in the classroom and out on the playground. As soon as we got there she ran off to check out all that her new classroom had to offer. She didn't really care if we were there or not. She had new toys to explore.

Mommy met a few new people. That was nice to feel like I made some new acquaintances. On the way home when I asked Padyn what her favorite part about school was she said, "My friends." Hmmm...she doesn't seem to understand that friends are people you TALK to. Maybe it's just a preschooler thing. She'll get the hang of it.

I didn't get a really good picture of her going to school (we had an issue with mud and the requirement of a new shirt) but here are some of her playing in the classroom and with her new teacher, Mrs. D. (Too funny...that's what my students used to call me!) Notice that she is refusing to look at the camera or smile in the photo with Mrs. D. You know at the end of the year she'll be clinging to Mrs. D not wanting to leave. I'm impressed she agreed to stand next to her!

This was one of her favorite toys-fishing for magnetic objects.

This little bike merry-go-round thing was cool. She actually went and climbed on it when other kids were already there playing on it. That's a big step!

She only looks like she's playing with someone else. She really just stole his Play-doh.

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Cozy Mom said...

Hey Audi,
This is Paul. I had fun reading your posts about school. I havent read the "real first day" yet but Im looking forward to it.

Some lessons I have learned with Bella, now that we have her in her 3RD! daycare. (I hope we arent causing too much psychological damage.) At this age, kids play near each other before they play with each other. Bella played by herself, in proximity to the other kids the first week at this school and one of the teachers pointed this fact out to me.

Those teachers have now left the school. I was extremely hurt and saddened by this, but Christie talked me out of pulling her out of such an "unstable environment" and giving the new teachers a chance. One of them is extremely obese and I am learning that I am fat-a-phobic! How do I know she wont trip and fall on my child? Or eat her? I a learning, though, that fat people have feelings, too. They just hide from them differntly than I do.

Bella does great now at school. All the kids love her and scream out her name when we walk into the classroom... late... at 10 or 11am, just in time for lunch and nap. It kinda reminds me of Norm walking into Cheers. He hid from his feelings with obesity AND alcohol. Yet still a fun-loving and likable character.

Hmmm, I guess I am learning just as much from school as Bella is.