Monday, September 11, 2006

The World According to Padyn

I love how toddlers live in their own little world. It even has its own little language that we uncreative adults don't always understand. Here's a few insights into Padyn's current vocabulary...

that's why=because
"That's why Mommy I don't want to."

that's in Spanish=anything that sounds like babble or is a made-up word
"Padyn, what do you mean when you say flova?"
"That's in Spanish, Mommy."

I and me!=me
"That's for I and me!"

45=the time that everything of importance happens
“Mommy, it’s almost 45. Then it will be time for dinner.”
“Mommy, it’s 45. Elmo’s on.”

I be careful!=I'm climbing up on something I should not be on or I'm doing something that may cause harm to my body.
Usually this is stated when she is alone in her room. When I enter, I find that she has climbed up on her desk where she knows she is not supposed to be.

why (asked 17 times in response to the same answer)=I didn't like the answer you gave and would like a different one, please.

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