Thursday, July 19, 2007

Last Day of Swim Lessons

Can you believe I never brought my camera to Padyn's swim lessons?
Well, yes, you can, if you've been reading of the saga that was the swim lesson.

Today was the final day. And it was the ONLY day she:

1) Got in right away, with the rest of her class

2) Participated in almost all class activities

3) Did not need to hang out with a teacher one on one

4) Did what she was asked to do almost every time

I was very proud of her for FINALLY coming around. And it only took 8 days. I think she was pretty excited with herself, too. Well, actually, I think she was pretty excited that she doesn't have to go to swim lessons anymore. Although, she will miss the gummy bears...

And I've learned a valuable lesson these two weeks. If Padyn is to ever do swim lessons again, they need to be private or semi-private lessons. Or they need to be in a wading pool.

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