Thursday, July 19, 2007

Things Kate Can Do

15 1/2 months old and she can:

*Follow simple directions (blow a kiss, bring that to me, give me five)

*Climb up and down the stairs on her own (as well as climb on couch, bed, and coffee table)

*Speak about 15 words

*Sign about 7 words

*Recognize and point to family members when you ask her where they are

*Put on and take off her shoes

*Drink out of a straw

*Appropriately play "Ring Around the Rosie" (she actually tries to sing the "ashes, ashes" line, and she falls down a few lines before she is supposed to fall down)

*Smile that cheesy grin when she sees the camera, AND say "teese!"

*Dance (with or without music)

*Put 1/2 the farm animal in the fridge farm magnet

*Unsnap and attempt to re-snap Snap Lock Beads

*Climb in and out of her stroller

*Buckle her stroller clips

*Jump on the bed

*Give you a kiss

*Recognize objects from a picture

*Recognize when Daddy is home by the sound of the garage door

*Melt your heart with her cuteness

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