Friday, July 06, 2007


I've been very lazy this week. I haven't posted since last Saturday, I missed my good friend's birthday (sorry, Jules), and I can't seem to make myself clean up my house. I blame it on the holiday we had in the middle of the week. It was terribly random. No long weekend connected to it...just a Saturday-like day on a Wednesday. It through me for a loop.

But, I haven't been as lazy with my running. Taking advantage of Daddy being home on Wednesday I went for a run around town. Do you know how long I ran for? An HOUR. I'm not sure what the distance was since I went a little ways down a creek side trail and the rest of the time ran in random circles around downtown. I don't think it was a 10 minute mile pace. I'm sure I would have been hurting more cardiovascularly if it was. I did have to stop for 4 minutes to meet Daddy and the girls at the coffee shop and call my friend to see when she was going to be arriving at my house. (She was only a few minutes away and I didn't want her sitting in my driveway. That's not being nice to your friends). But even with the stop taken into account, I still jogged for an hour. I think it was about 5 miles. Yesterday I rested, and I haven't worked out yet today, but I'm hoping to accomplish that tonight when J gets home from work.

An hour. I'm so impressed with myself. Because, really? It wasn't too long ago that 10 minutes killed me.

And, it makes me feel better about my ongoing struggle with laziness.

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