Friday, July 27, 2007

Photo Friday-Week In Review

We had a busy week this week, and I have the pictures to prove it. Some of them are already up on Flickr, but I have not titled them yet. So, if you looked at them and wondered where the heck we were, read on! You are about to find out.

I should start with last Saturday, which was my 15 year high school reunion. I didn't take any pictures, but only because I was too busy talking to people I hadn't seen in, well, 15 years. It was a strange time-warp sort of experience, but it was far better than I feared it would be. Even Joel had a good time, which is high praise. It was nice to reconnect with some people I knew when I was a different person, and nice to start new relationships with people I didn't really know before. I discovered that I'm not the only one that likes myself better as an adult than a teenager.
On Sunday there was the Wharf to Wharf. Again, due to lack of forethought, there are no pictures of the event. But, there are some fun pictures of the girls blowing bubbles on Grandpa and Mimi's back deck.amazed by bubbles
kisses, kisses

Nothing very interesting happened on Monday. We hung out, ate, napped, swam with some friends and generally were lazy. Nothing exciting enough to take pictures of.

On Tuesday we drove down to Gilroy to "go on rides" at Gilroy Gardens (formerly Bonfante Gardens). We had never been there before due to my feelings of crowds and theme park rides that spin in endless circles, but our church was going and my friend could get us cheap tickets, so I decided it was worth the risk.
My low expectations were crushed. We had a great time. There were even rides that Kate could go on all by herself. I would say this park is perfect for kids 3-6. We'll definitely be going back. It's worth the hour drive. Not only is it fun for them, but it's a clean, beautiful place. It's a horticultural theme park, so there are all these lovely gardens, that of course I did not get to go into because a 3 year old has no interest in horticulture. But, they were nice to look at while walking by.
on the carousel-Padyn started off on the horse, but quickly moved to the bench when Kate didn't want to get on the horse next to her
Kate and Josh taking the firetruck for a spin
Emily and Padyn doing "no hands" on the Worm & Apple ride (Padyn had been asking to go on this ride all day. She spotted it on the map when we first entered the park and was insistent that we go find it!)
Emily looks thrilled, doesn't she? At least Padyn is having a good time.Wednesday we drove back over "The Hill" to Santa Cruz to meet an old friend of mine at the beach. Angie and her family couldn't make it to the reunion since they were having a reunion of a different sort in Yosemite. So, Padyn and Kate got to meet their friends Aidan and Connor at Mommy's favorite beach. Padyn mostly wanted to play in the sand and watch Connor destroy the sand fort his Daddy had made. I was sure Kate would hate the freezing cold water, but being the mom I am, I stuck her feet in anyway. Big mistake. She LOVED it. She kept walking out towards the wave as it broke. No understanding of wave action whatsoever. Padyn kept saying she wanted to go in the water, but as soon as the water touched her toes, she bolted back up to dry land. Chicken.
beach beauties
Connor killing the castlesYesterday? I don't remember. OH! That's right. That was the previous post. And today? Well, I took about 90 pictures today, but they are still on my camera, so you'll have to wait until another post to see Kate and her cousin, Claire, playing together.

Go to Flickr to see all the pics. Happy Friday and Happy Weekend.

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Shawna Barlette said...

Arlene, how cool it is to be sitting here in NC and seeing Connor crushing castles in CA! As I was talking to Angie on the phone last night, I was jolted back many years in time. I was flooded with the memories of all the girls playing together as pre-teens...and now their own kids are discovering each other and playing together! It is so characteristic of Connor to trash the castle Poppa built. Gotta love it! He is such a boy! Your girls are adorable by the way. I'm happy Angie was able to meet up and spend time with you.