Monday, August 06, 2007

I've Got Nothing

A whole 5 days at my sister's house and no pictures to show for it. Colleen has some pictures, plus a really cute video of the girls playing "Tag." Kate actually understood how it worked. Padyn would tag her and Kate would hit her back and say, "TAH!" Highly adorable. But me? I got nothing. My camera remained safely inside its bag the entire time.

I could have shot great photos of Kate and Padyn in the inflatable pool in Auntie's backyard, or in the big resort-like pool at The Club of Natomas, or playing baseball with the new Dora bat and ball my sister bought them. But no.

When Kate turned 16 months on Friday, I thought about taking a picture to record the date. Didn't happen.

It probably would not have been appropriate to take a picture when my sister's German Shepard, Taya, somehow managed to open up the door to the girls' bedroom TWICE in one night and cause Padyn to cry out in terror. Good thing I didn't.

And I really should have gotten a picture of the two girls sitting on the new purple stool in the bathroom brushing their teeth together. Or of Corinne and Padyn having a dance party in Corinne's living room last night. Or of Katelyn pushing Elliot's push bike around.

You'll just have to picture them all in your mind.

I'll try to do better this week.

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